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Mary Miller
Marketing Director
Tennessee Armature, Inc.

David and Jean Nelson were the featured entertainers for our event. He is a storyteller with a great cowboy twist. He can tickle your funny bone and touch your heart all in 30 minutes time. Jean’s talent on the psaltery offers the most unique blend to any show I have ever seen. This is the second time I used David’s talents. The other was during our State Convention Banquet. The audiences at both of these were pleased with my choices and I heard many ‘thumbs up’ from those in attendance. David and Jean are not only talented, but just nice folks to work with as well. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others looking for quality entertainers.

R. Tony Smith
Special Events Manager
Gatlinburg Tourism Department

David was perfect to be the opening act for our Christmas Parade television production. He did so with the utmost in professionalism and talent. He not only performed for the television production ( seen throughout the whole Southeast ) but also for an entire city block – all of whom were completely captivated by his performance. He also performed for our VIP Gala Dinner for the “Mountains of Chocolate”. He was a pure joy to work with – always smiling, warm, sincere and not to mention professional. I have worked with many international performers and would rank David as being near the top of all! Someday he too will be known worldwide.

Deborah Nye
Saturday, May 21, 2005

Townsend is fortunate to have two talented residents and we appreciate you performing at the Spring Festival. Thanks for your support of our Festival and the Community. Your show was really enjoyed by all.
Deborah Nye
Festival Coordinator

Candy and Larry Hilmoe
Tuesday March 01, 2005

We had a wonderful time and sure enjoyed you two at the American Ranch Horse Association Convention. Thank you both for the laughter and a tear or two. I'm sure our paths will cross again. Candy and Larry Hilmoe

Britton Bishop, MD


Tuesday March 01, 2005

The Blount County Medical Society had the privilege of hosting an evening with David "Buffalo Bill" Nelson and his wife, Jean at our annual convention. We had a wonderful evening listening to stories from the Poet. I received several compliments from the attendees. His wife also played a wonderful part in the evening through her lovely music. If I had it to do all over I would not have changed the evening at all.

Erica Keeney


Tuesday February 22, 2005

We so enjoyed having you. Everyone got a kick out of you! We received several compliments also on you being the emcee for the Awards Ceremony. You guys are great and we look forward to having you again. Thanks for helping us have a great 1st Convention. It was well received. American Ranch Horse Association


Michael V Flynn


Saturday February 12, 2005

I would like to say what a pleasure it was meeting and working with you and your lovely wife at the American Ranch Horse Association Convention. You did a great job entertaining our membership and we have received many compliments on your show. Tex is still wondering where you got your information on him at LOL. If we can be any help in the future just give us a yell. Thank you very much.Michael V Flynn President American Ranch Horse Association

Mark and Cathy


Saturday December 18, 2004

I received your DVD and watched it twice. Your stage presence is impeccable and you have honed your craft to unparalleled heights. I enjoy your 'folksy' stories told with humor. They have an undeniable undercurrent of unabashed intelligence and are a credit to your originality and abilities. Thanks so much. Mark and Cathy Rockford, Illinois


"Sisters of the Silver Sage"


Saturday November 20, 2004

Hello David and Jean...... Your website looks GREAT! Lee did a fantastic job, didn't he??? And I particularly LOVE the William Tell Overture on the home page......I can never leave that page until it's played all the way through!! Many Happy Trails..... Donna -for- "Sisters of the Silver Sage"

Kim Fry


Wednesday November 17, 2004

David and his wife served as entertainment for our annual client appreciation party. We had over 140 guests in attendance and everyone loved the show. We had several companies that were interested in them performing at special events for their companies. Kim Fry Hilton Knoxville Airport


bill kiser


Wednesday November 10, 2004

Was privileged to pick up your CD at the Dulcimer Shop and Stage Sat. nite b/4 Halloween. Was great time, but feature your better "looker" more, wife. Contact for the details on Colorado Poetry Gathering in Jan. '04. The gal that organizes it is Liz Masterson and she probably has a website, she is quite the yodeler and has been to the White HOuse in DC, the "big house" several times for concerts. thanks again, bill kiser I was there visiting my Mother, Susan Kiser , Marysville, TN AND I was 'borned' / birthed in La Follette, TN nigh unto 58+ years ago, so I am "aged"


Larry Wayne


Monday November 08, 2004

What a fantastic show and performance you gave during our recent trip to Tennessee. I still laugh when I think of some of your lines. I bought your two CDs and gave them as gifts. They were well received. We will keep looking for your next gig and will be in the audience.


dennis champ


Sunday November 07, 2004

great site! Anniston,AL, but originally Pittsburgh, PA.


Marsha Lynn Hearndon


Sunday November 07, 2004

Dave has done three shows at our ranch and drew a very large crowd. We had newspaper coverage and really got the word out. People that came really enjoyed themselves and laughed at themselves through the stories (lies) that he told. Hope to have Dave back next season to do another show as people call me constantly to find out when he will appear again. Vero Beach Florida


Rob & Suzanne Pendleton


Sunday November 07, 2004

My husband and I caught your show when you were here in Florida. Your magical use of the English language, body gestures, and voice inflection were incredible! You are a natural! Without a doubt, your show was one of the funniest rib-ticklin' performances we have ever attended! Be assured that we will follow your website postings to see where we can catch you next. Oh yes, listening to your CD's around town and on our cross-country treks has made our travels especially enjoyable. Thanks for making us laugh! Royal Palm Beach, Florida


LuAnn & Jim Faber


Sunday November 07, 2004

We really enjoyed a great performance by David and Jean a couple of years ago at Two Feathers Stable in Vero Beach, FL. The campfire setting was perfect, the crowd was mellow, Jean's psaltry was poignant and David kept us all engrossed with his stories and laughing at his jokes. It was an evening we'd love to repeat. We recommend his CD, but there's nothing like an "in-person" experience. Boxford, MA


Mike Clemmer


Sunday November 07, 2004

"I like David's web site and want everyone to know just how good he is. David acted as the emcee and featured performer many times at my "Pickin Porch" on Saturday nights in Townsend, TN. He is easy to work with, holds the crowds attention, keeps the show moving and really keeps them laughing in their seats. Many tourists request his appearance when they come to visit my shop, Wood-N-Strings Dulcimer Shop in Townsend, TN. I would highly recommend him as an emcee or featured performer for any type of group." Thanks, Mike


Cactus Bob Davidson


Sunday November 07, 2004

Howdy Snakebite, I enjoyed your website and I hope we'll get to do a few gigs together in the near future. You are always a Barrel of laughs. How, can I ever forget the Hilton Head gig and the Prairie Queen or the lady who loved the TN stud - whew what an evening that was. LOL So as all true cowboys say ---- "Let's do Lunch" Happy Trails, Cactus Bob Singer, Song Writer


Rich & Maggie Tyler


Sunday November 07, 2004

We have had the pleasure of catching several of David's shows. He is such a good story teller/liar that one believes every word he speaks. That is a definite sign of success. David, your website is really good. We love your home page! It is easy to move through and provides a lot of information. East Dubuque, Illinois


Gina Cappelletti


Sunday November 07, 2004

David has performed many times for the Military Planners that we bring to Blount County. He is highly entertaining and receives the best possible scores on our evaluations from the Planners. As a result many hire him to perform when they return to Blount County. David is a pleasure to work with and he provides clean family entertainment ideal for all audiences.


Fred Forster


Sunday November 07, 2004

I have been a fan of David Nelson for the past several years. In my capacity as President/CEO of the Blount County Chamber of Commerce Partnership, I have invited David to perform at a variety of events associated with both the Blount County Chamber of Commerce and the Smoky Mountain Convention and Visitors Bureau. David has performed for thousands of people from all walks of life at events such as the Blount County Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, both the Spring and Fall Festivals conducted by the Smoky Mountain Convention and Visitors Bureau, community tours for media representatives from across the globe and for familiarization tours conducted for professional meeting planners from allover the United States. David's vivid imagination, his innovative use of words and phrases and his extraordinary sense of humor insure that he always scores a "direct hit" with the audiences.


Toni Meyer


Sunday November 07, 2004

You were terrific and we can't thank you enough for the swell job you did for us! We'd love to have you back. The job is yours again - that's for sure! Good luck in your endeavors. I hope our paths will one day cross again! And as they say...happy trails! Toni


Morris Skipworth


Sunday November 07, 2004

David and his wife are wonderful people and did a wonderful job for us at our Spring Trail Ride. Young and old alike were entertained very well. There were smiles on faces, generous laughter and even some tears with the serious poems and stories. I told David that to touch people's lives in that way truly is a blessing from God. Scottsville, KY


Lila Wilson


Sunday November 07, 2004

Thank you so much for serving as one of the featured storytellers during the 10th annual Smoky Mountains Storytelling Festival held in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. You consistently offer a truly outstanding performance! It would not have been as successful without you. There is no better professional to work with than you.


United States Senator, Lamar Alexander


Sunday November 07, 2004

Congratulations on being designated the Cowboy Poet Laureate of Tennessee. I commend you on your many contributions to the preservation of cowboy poetry and storytelling. Very best wishes. Lamar


Angie Hargraves


Sunday November 07, 2004

We "caught" David's show about 5 years ago and loved it to the point of buying the CD as well as a t-shirt. He has a true gift of poetry and I highly recommend his show! Congrats on your new title! Decatur Alabama




Sunday November 07, 2004

My husband and I had the opportunity to catch one of David's shows recently. It had been a while since the two of us had been entertained like that. We were up laughing all night long. He even managed to keep our children entertained, which is nearly impossible. My family enjoyed his show so much that we purchased some of his tapes so that we could listen to him while we were traveling. I highly recommend his show for the young and old.


Dan and Gaynell Lawson


Sunday November 07, 2004

David, we haven't seen you and Jean since you used to drop in Deadbeat Pete's unannounced, too long ago. Success is obviously on your trail! Do you ever plan far enough ahead to let us know just where your next gig might be? Best to Ya!


Mary Louise Emerson


Sunday November 07, 2004

We caught your show at Sweet Pickins in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee while on vacation. It absolutely 'made our vacation'. Everyone agreed it was so much better than the show we saw the night before at one of those big theaters in Pigeon Forge. Thanks for your fantastic performance. We listened to your tapes on the way home and laughed hysterically in the car. We hope to catch you again sometime. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Connie Boesen


Tuesday October 26, 2004

Hey David, Kudos on the site! You didn’t mention your performance in Iowa this past September at the Strub Arbians Arena. Thanks for the good time. The CDs were great. Connie


Beth Beams


Monday October 25, 2004

Hey David/Jean, It looks great, but you should at least have a small picture of Jean, since she does play "back-up" for you. I'm really just trying to give you a hard time - did it work? See ya soon, Beth


Lee Wilkinson


Monday October 18, 2004

Thanks David, for the opportunity to help you with your website and marketing.

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